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Are lash extensions water resistant?

Lots of people come and ask me as a Lash Artist/ Chemist: Water resistant, is it a new trend?

First of all, I must say, statistics and marketing are close friends. High quality adhesives have been made for resisting even the worse conditions given the vulnerability of your natural lashes, it doesn’t last any longer than what it holds on to… your precious, delicate eye anatomy.

Lash extensions have ALWAYS been water resistant but given the myriad of possibilities with each person’s daily routines it is hard to know what other reasons than lash shedding can contribute to losing your extensions sooner.

As responsible lash artists, our job is to educate our clients on what to and not to do to increase the lash extension life. We want them to last as long as possible between refills. A series of instructions are given for that purpose and if something goes wrong along the way, your lash artist might help you with extra tips (e.g. if you get your lashes wet with sea water, no problem, after you’re done with fun in the sea just pour some fresh tap water on them to remove salt).

So there is no reason why lash extensions should be a limiting factor on FUN! Au contraire, they were made for you to feel confident, happy and look your best ALWAYS! EVEN AT POOLS AND SEA! All you have to do is take a lil’ extra care and voila!Happy Easter lash beauties.

Love always,

Dr. ND


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